Exfoliate Your Skin for a Youthful Appearance

The skin is the largest organ in our body and is also a great indicator of our general health. Beauty has often been associated with having a healthy body and science has actually proven that to be true. When a person is unwell, it immediately shows on their skin and face. There are so many ways that beauty and health are related, it isn’t only about vanity; it’s about taking care of our body. One way you can take care of your skin is through exfoliating.


Exfoliating involves removing dead skin cells and can be achieved through different methods. It can be done mechanically through the use of sponges, scrubs, and razors; or chemically through use of chemical peels, natural acids (like vinegar or citrus fruit), and other concoctions. Dermatologists recommend doing it regularly as it can bring great benefits to your skin.


Improving Skin’s Appearance

Exfoliating has the immediate effect of improving your skin’s appearance. When you remove dead skins cells your skin looks much brighter and becomes softer. It exposes fresh skin cells and even stimulates their growth. Some specialists even claim that it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Overall, exfoliating gives you a more youthful look.


Cleanses Pores

Dead skin cells which stay on your body accumulate, therefore blocking pores and causing skin problems in return. This is why good hygiene is very important. By extracting these dead cells, your pores open up and allow your skin to breathe. Most skin-care products (lotions, creams, toners, etc.) recommend use after exfoliating as they can be absorbed by the skin much more efficiently.


Reducing Acne Break Outs

A great deal of acne treatments includes exfoliation – as acne-ridden skin produces more dead skin cells than healthy skin. The build-up of dead cells which are not cleared out properly is often the cause of blackheads and pimples. Exfoliation helps you to shed your skin and remove excess oil which causes acne to begin with. Not only is exfoliating healthy for you, but the process itself can feel refreshing. Many people are afflicted with acne on both their face and back. Quite often, this is why people turn to spa treatments – to seek assistance with their acne and other skin problems.

Proper exfoliation can bring a lot of benefits but it’s also best to consult professionals so you don’t completely dry up your skin. For professional exfoliation services in Scottsdale, AZ, visit Mozaik Skin & Body Day Spa to help determine your skin’s needs. Specialized therapists can provide reliable recommendations for your skin type and match it with other appropriate treatments to enhance your overall skin and body wellness. Call or visit the website to book an appointment and talk to your own dedicated therapist.


Take Care of Your Mind and Body with a Visit to the Spa

A visit to the spa might seem like opulent indulgence to some people, but in truth it is beneficial to your health, well-being, and beauty. Though it might seem expensive, it is actually an investment in your health and beauty. Some researchers have dedicated their time into studying how spas can actually be very beneficial for your health and that a visit to a spa may do you some good.


Reducing Muscle Aches and Pains

Pain is reduced after a visit to the spa. Spa treatments often work on your muscle tissues by not only relaxing them, but they also stimulate circulation around your body. These strokes release pain-killing endorphins and dopamine, which make you feel good.


Improving Psychological Well-Being

Spa treatments are often promoted for being relaxing but their psychological benefits are often understated. Massages, aromatherapy, and other spa treatments help bring out a positive state of mind; they even improve self-esteem and help you in becoming more productive in your everyday tasks. Employees that receive spa treatments often demonstrate greater productivity in the weeks following their treatment.


Body Detox

A significant benefit of a spa is that it helps you detoxify your organs. The stresses and functions of daily life include accumulating toxins which need to be flushed out. Common conditions include bloating and water retention. Lactic acid build-up is also another issue that athletes deal with. Saunas assist in sweating out unhealthy toxins such as nicotine out of the body; massages disperse lactic acid from your muscles; Himalayan salt scrubs assist in reducing water retention.


Blood Circulation

Aromatherapy and massage therapy have been shown to improve circulation in the body. Spa treatments can have positive effects on both blood pressure and blood circulation. Certain fragrances stimulate the senses, such as peppermint for alertness, and lavender for relaxation.


Skin Health

People often forget that the skin is the largest organ in the human body and we need to take care of it. Exfoliating your skin has many benefits such as removing dead skin cells, encouraging the growth of new skin cells, and giving your skin a smooth, youthful look. Our skin is our first layer of protection, preventing germs from infiltrating our other organs and shielding us from the sun. It is also important for our self-image. People tend to act more confident when they believe in their own image. Therefore, having good skin is also a part of good mental health.

A visit to a day spa should be part of a prescribed health regimen for living in today’s society. There are numerous benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing when visiting a spa. If you’re in the Scottsdale, AZ area, visit Mozaik Skin & Body for a Day Spa health retreat.

Benefits of a Good Massage

Massage therapy is currently being recommended for a vast array of health issues from stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and muscle recovery. A skilled massage therapist can help alleviate muscle pain and provide relaxation. It is even being recommended for people who suffer sleep apnea (also known as insomnia). People who get massaged regularly report having an improved sense of well-being.

Spa and Wellness

As we are driven by a highly competitive modern society, many people tend to neglect themselves and never have time to relax. There’s always the struggle to maintain a healthy work-life-family balance and people find themselves stressed and unable to cope. It is because of such busy lifestyles that massage therapy has become trendy. Massages have been shown to provide benefits such as:

Physical Well-Being

Getting a massage regularly has been noted to show great physical improvement in individuals. Massages have been linked to increase serotonin levels in the brain and reduce detrimental t-cells. It can even improve your immune system. Athletes often get massages to alleviate muscle pain, improve flexibility, and reduce muscle cramps.

Improving Blood Pressure

Many scientific research studies have shown that having routine massages helps lower blood pressure over time. People suffering from hypertension can consult their doctor about receiving massage therapy with their regimen to improve the treatment of their condition.

Enhanced Circulation

Another well-documented benefit of massages is that it improves overall blood circulation. Having good circulation keeps your body (especially your hands and feet) warm, and it keeps you from feeling weak and experiencing body aches. Massages assist in delivering oxygen-rich blood to affected parts of your body through meaningful strokes and pressure thus improving the circulation in your body. It removes the built-up lactic acid which causes muscles to ache. It also creates movement which helps the lymphatic system to remove toxins from your body.

Promotes Relaxation

Who doesn’t feel better after receiving a good massage? The most obvious benefit to a massage is that it helps us relax and feel better about ourselves. Many people report having better sleep after going through massage therapy. It’s one of the most popular ways that people can easily wind down after putting up with the stresses of modern society.
If you’re in need of a good massage service in Scottsdale, AZ, there’s no better place to head to than Mozaik Skin & Body Day spa. They have highly skilled massage therapists who understand your needs and can customize your massage therapy to your specifications. If you’re looking for a good massage to experience all its benefits, book your appointment online to reserve a slot for a great day spa experience.

Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Scrub Treatment

If you’re conscious about what goes to your skin and you want a skin treatment that’s completely natural with immediate results, then a Himalayan Salt Scrub treatment is what you’re looking for. Himalayan Salt has risen in popularity in recent years not only as a culinary delight but as a catalyst for beauty treatments. It has been observed for its immediate effects which leave the skin feeling fresh and glowing.

home day spa scottsdale

Himalayan Salt has numerous benefits as a body scrub including:

  • Improving skin texture, tone, and appearance
  • Removing rough and dead skin cells
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite on your skin
  • Alleviating muscle cramps by improving hydration
  • Assisting in blood circulation
  • Reducing water retention
  • Promoting relaxation and calmness

By massaging Himalayan Salt scrubs onto your skin, you’re not only naturally exfoliating your skin from dead cells, but you also improve the circulation of blood and promote the growth of new skin cells. Exfoliating your skin regularly revitalizes your skin, making you look younger and giving your skin a gentle glowing aura.

Himalayan Salt scrubs are infused with natural essential oils which leave a gentle, soothing fragrance on your skin. A popular combination often used with Himalayan salt is Lychee fruit essential oil and sweet almond oil. These essential oils improve hydration and also leave a soft sweet smell after the scrub has been washed away.

It is recommended to start massaging in areas that have sore muscles or places which have cellulite, followed by the legs, then arms, body, following up to your heart. This should improve blood circulation and help your body relax.

To get the full benefits of a Himalayan Salt scrub, it is best to go to a trained masseuse at reputable day spa. A well-trained masseuse knows how to target sore muscles and gently alleviate the pain through skilled strokes and appropriate pressure. They also have the experience to utilize the products to their fullest potential, helping you get rid of cellulite in your trouble spots.
If you’re located at Scottsdale, AZ and are looking for massage services, then head for Mozaik Skin & Body day spa and ask for their Himalayan Salt scrub body treatment. Trained massage therapists can help you bring out the best results possible in using Himalayan Salt scrub, leaving you relaxed, invigorated, and glowing from your body treatment. Call or visit their website in order to book your appointment for a great Himalayan Salt body treatment in Scottsdale.

A Day Spa You Could Spend Days In, Bliss in Scottsdale

Once you’ve tried having a massage by trained and experienced professionals, there’s just no going back. A wonderful combination of a relaxing ambiance, trained hands, the best natural products, makes Mozaik Skin and Body the top day spa in Scottsdale. There’s more than massages too, you could get facials, skin care and body treatments, and even an airbrush tan! To make your stay more worthwhile special packages are made available so you can try a bit of everything:

Day Spa

Two Hours of Bliss – A combination of the Signature European Facial and the Signature Massage

Drift Me Away – An extended massage of 80-minutes with the Signature European Facial

Three Hours of Retreat – Begin with a Signature Massage, followed up with the Signature European Facial and your choice of any body treatment (dead sea mud, coffee cellulite scrub, blueberry slimming detox, or Himalayan salt scrub)

Couples Massage – a side by side massage with your friend or beloved one

Couples Signature Massage – Side by side massages with a private suite each with a massage therapist who will perform a massage of your choice

Couples Bliss – Enjoy a Signature Massage and & Signature Facial in a private retreat where you get to relax and unwind

Drift Us Away – spend time in a private room where you and your partner will get to be pampered with 80-min revitalization massages, followed up by Signature European Facials

Mozaik Skin & Body Day Spa also offers promotional packages during events such as Valentine’s or New Year’s. Check their website to see what promos are currently available and book your appointment there. Event-inspired promotions come with special treats, such as champagne and chocolates. You could also gift these packages to a well-deserving mom who could use a day to herself. Spend your time leisurely at Mozaik Skin & Body to feel revitalized for life.

HydraFacial – Revealing Fresh Skin for a Brighter, More Youthful Glow

Bad eating habits, constantly touching your face or being exposed to environments which are full of pollutants can all wreak havoc on your skin. Oil, dirt, and acne build up on the pores of your face, causing them to become inflamed, triggering an outbreak of black heads and white heads. Other times your face becomes too dry because of weather conditions, harmful chemicals, or scrubbing too much. When that happens, it’s time to get a HydraFacial treatment in order to rejuvenate your skin.


HydraFacials are a 4-step treatment which focuses on exfoliating, peeling, painless extractions, and hydration, in order to bring back your skin’s clean, natural glow. To take the treatment a step further, there’s also an additional treatment which includes Lymphatic Drainage and LED treatments to promote stronger skin on your face. Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, and Peptides are used to treat your skin with utmost delicacy. This skin treatment can also be applied to your back or other areas to target specific concerns. This treatment is non-invasive and produces instant, painless results, clearing up your skin and reducing redness.

For HydraFacials in Scottsdale, Arizona, go to Mozaik Skin & Body spa for the best skin and body treatments in the area. Only highly-trained professionals and the finest ingredients are used for their body and skin treatments. They also offer massages, body treatments, and other skin care treatments to help you feel and look like a brand new you. Inquire today at Mozaikskin.com to find out more about their services.